Monday, 24 March 2014

The Ice flow

an alien landscape, chilled to the core
barren and flat with not a tree in sight
whites and blues seem the only colours
during the long summer day light

with the ocean in the back ground
this world of floating ice, moves on
creaking and moaning as it goes
for this ice flow must weigh a ton

ice glistening in the sun shine
though the atmosphere is so cold
the movements of this crusty layer
transform the ice to crease and fold

wild life is around but not seen
underneath this moving ice flow
living and breeding out of sight
landscape that`s been here long ago

shapes and patterns form and change
sculptures in the ice shimmering
flakes breaking off in the strong winds
sounds and sights so bewildering

An ice flow slowly moving through the ocean, creating sounds, shapes and colours
ever changing as it goes..!

© Lis Bull 2014

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