Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why did you sign me away??

Remembering the 1st of March
ii rained that fateful day
why did you sign the forms, mum?
for you signed my life away

I stood there and wept so hard
and my heart gave a mighty heave
never looking straight at me
while you got up to leave

"mummy why did you do that
what did I ever do wrong?"
you didn`t even answer
just said I had to be strong

I really don`t understand
for I thought that you loved me
but as you walk through that door
this is something I don`t see

I`m left there standing alone
as the tears run down my face
for you have gone from my life
I`m stuck in this awful place

It`s cold and unfamiliar
nothing smell how it should do
want to be back in your arms
need to be back home with you

Different person holds my hand
and soothes me when I`m crying
so I smile and say "thank you£
but deep inside I`m dying

So while you live your life now
please don`t ever forget me
Although I find this all so hard
I can`t forget you, mummy!!

inspired by a wonderful friend in Canada,   thanks   Sid

© Lis Bull 2014

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