Sunday, 25 March 2012


I feel I`m entering a tunnel
All dark, damp and bad
The sunshine has all gone now
There`s only hard times to be had.

With each step the darkness grows
Wrapping itself around my heart
The walls are closing in around me
It`s frightening that I`m falling apart.

Happiness and laughter seem far away
It`s cold and damp and dark in here
I`m tip toeing forward carefully
Sounds are so muffled, nothing clear.

What was sunny and bright around me
Seem nothing more than illusions
Reality has taken a hold
Now I have to find solutions.

Hoping there`s light at the end of the tunnel
I will tread slowly and with care
I need to get through this in one piece
Never more to dream...I swear !!!

This poem came about as a result of stressful and traumatic events in my life,  the tunnel was a changing point and once through, I was able to pick up my life again. It was a very dark time and I found it easier to put my feeling down in poetry than talking to people about it all.

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