Friday, 25 May 2012


Stress and tension is the order of the day
What am I to do, just want to pay my way?

Everybody wants a piece of the action
No one is willing to give me some attention

I work all the hours but the bank don`t care
Try to pay my bills, but end up in despair

Van needs fixing, there`s so much that`s to be done
All this stress and strain, there`s no time to have fun

Bankruptcy an option I really do not need
Unfortunately I`m stubborn, so I will not plead

Think the world`s against me, but do I give a toss ?
Couldn`t give a monkeys, cos I know I`m the boss !

I needed some ideas for emotions and a friend asked if I would write a poem about his stress and this was the result.  He is still plodding along and never gave in.  He thought the poem was rather funny !!

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