Friday, 10 August 2012

Party Time!!

Tumbling, boucing, dancing all around
Painted faces, bright balloons, games abound
Kids giggling, parents laughing, what a sound !
Music playing, there`s so much fun to be found.

Jelly moulds, ice cream cones, chocolate cakes too
Pizza pies, sandwiches, just for you
Sausages, water melons, try something new
And for the parents, there`s always a brew.

Playing pass the parcel and musical chairs
Giggling together as they work in pairs
Dressing up as queens, knights and even bears
The only rule here is, they stay down stairs.

The party`s been great, they`ve all had fun
It`s time to relax, now the prizes were all won
All the games were played, everythings done
So it`s time to say goodbye to everyone!

I remember children`s parties, when my children were young and how much fun they were, not just for the little kids, but also for the big ones too !!  It`s even great when you can relax afterwards !!

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