Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A life time

Though all the tides of time
Can be seem in his face
His thick leathery skin
Show`s he had a hard race

Tired sad hazel eyes
That have seen many a sight
Still with a twinkle in them
Because he knows he`s right

Tight tanned skin over his cheeks
Hides black lines under his eye
For he has seen many things
That`s toughened him, made him wise

His lips are pale and thin
But his smile`s so sincere
He has many a tale to tell
That you should sit and hear

His people have been through much
Their journey has been long
Throughout it they`ve stood tall
A race that is so strong

He may not run around
Or shout and cuss like us
Life means everything to him
Just love him, don`t make a fuss.

I was looking at The National Geographical and there was an article about Native Indians of America.  It was fasinating and it got me thinking about their out look on life and our perception of them. What they have been through and seen and how that effects them.

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