Saturday, 11 August 2012

My spinning world

My world keeps spinnging round and round
I`m struggling to hold on tight
Everything just flashes past me
The good times are out of sight

I try to readjust my grip
Cling on stronger and be real bold
Though my hands are far to sweaty
I`m determined to keep a hold

If this spinning world was to stop
And I could rest a while in peace
Would I want to climb back on board?
If I did all this calm would cease

I want the world to slow down now
To let me off for just a bit
So that I can build up my strength
To fight my corner, I won`t quit

What ever life has to throw at me
I am going to stand and do my best
Then I can climb back on again
Move forward and finish my quest !

Life seem to be moving so fast these days, its hard to keep your balance, sometime I just want to stand still and get my breath back. 

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