Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When it starts to rain......

The skies darken over head
The clouds are rolling in
There seems a heaviness
You can feel it begin

The air starts to change now
A weight upon my shoulders
The first large drops of rain
Makes the day seem colder

The drops of rain are heavy
They splash upon the ground
You hear them in your mind`s eye
As they land all around

The sky`s so foreboding
It`s like the dead of night
Almost claustrophobic
Wow, such an eerie sight

Then the flood gates open
Torrential rain pours down
Thundering on the roof tops
Feel you`re going to drown

Curled up on my sofa
This is where I`ll reside
Let the stormy skies pour
I`m warm and snug inside.

I love the different types of weather and the changes that happen so drastically. With all the recent rain, I just had to put it into a poem.

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