Saturday, 25 October 2014

I don`t hate you.......

Please note and understand
I do not hate you girl
I never have hated you
yes you can be hard work
emotional and sometimes needy
childish and even annoying
so please don't tell me how I feel
I do not hate you boy
you have been there for me
in my darkest hour
maybe to much in the past
I am very much aware
and eternally grateful

I am sadly depressed
too much has passed under the bridge
life can be very cruel
as it is for many people
we all have to work together
not argue, shout or bawl
I do not hate you girl
I'll not be dictated to
or told how I should feel

So come on take a breath
and get back on track again
I know that you love each other
the whole world knows that too
but all this lovey dovey stuff
needs to be toned down a bit!

Unfortunately love can hurt
and the shouting gets me down
I am only human
and therefore have feelings
all this yelling that goes on
has really got to stop
the air in this house can be bitter
and brings everybody down
I don't hate you both
I never have at all
I'm stuck in a deep rut
no partner or parents to talk to

You both have promised things
but don't follow through
this girl finds herself isolated
feeling pushed out or lost
but is only a "call" away
you both have to realize
just how lucky you are
for with all this technology
there's no excuse for pain

So please don't tell me
the way that I should feel
or how I should be acting
all I want is stability
not a war zone on my doorstep
remember others live here
and they're entitled to peace

When the time is right
you'll fledged from your home here
and begin a new stage in life
together in harmony
to continue on your journey
until then, have some respect
work with me, keep me informed
and remember I know how I feel!!
and I don't hate you both
I just want us all to be happy!

© Lissie Bull 2014

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