Friday, 30 December 2016

I was reading some Nursery Rhymes to a friend`s daughter  and she loved Little Miss Riding Hood.  She asked me to write a version for her.  This is the result and I`m pleased to say little Katie loved it !

Little Miss Red...!

Little Miss Red
got up out of bed
to go and visit her gran

picks up her coat
and a five pound note
running out of her caravan

through the dark wood
dressed in her red hood
and her basket on her arm

feels someone is there
sees a fox, what a scare !
but she`d never came to harm

for in her pockets
by a packet of Lockets
she carries a little pistol 

if he comes near
he can join that bear
sweeping the streets of Bristol !

so off she skips
a smile on her lips
can`t wait to see her Grandmother

she`ll have such fun
playing out in the sun
best place to be all through the summer  !

© Lissie Bull 2016
Image found on pinterest

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