Friday, 16 December 2016

Wintry Tree

A solitary tree stands in silence
under a bright blue wintry sky
branches that were once wrapped in green
now stand out with snow piled high

so white against the snarled bark
snow crystallised, an eerie sight
a thick blanket covers the landscape
Glistening in the sun shine bright

cotton wool covered tree trunks
standing in a line at the edge of the fields
nature tucked up in its warm covers
like soldiers protecting with their shields

muffled silence from the snow fall
most creatures hibernating now
only venturing out when needed
racing through old furrows from the plough

so as we stand and admire
this ancient tree still stands here
all dressed in its wintry coat
but round the corner spring will appear!

Inspired by a photo from my friend  John titled " Wintry Tree Scape"

Thank you John

® Lissie Bull 2013

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