Friday, 21 December 2012

New Tune

Sat here on my lonely step
Wondering what went wrong
The world is spinning round me
And I`ve forgotten my song

This tune goes on in my head
But the words are never there
Need a way to remember
Sat here in total despair

Move to a different step now
May help me think it all through
I want to get this right so
I can sing my song to you

It`s a very special song
And it means a lot to me
Just need to get the words right
For it fills my heart with glee

When I`ve worked out all the words
And the tune fits perfectly
I will stand on the top step
And sing to you happily

I feel I am stuck with an old tune in my head, this poem is about finding the words to an old tune to help me move on to new things. Maybe a new path to follow or a new phase in my life.  When the words are right, I know I will be able to sing my new song and move forward.

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