Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cat amongst the presents...

I see a little nose peeping through
All the wrapped presents under the tree
Pointed ears twitching through the bows
As your loud purrs are heard happily

It`s so funny to watch you pounce
Amongst all the torn wrappings
Your tail swishing as you jump around
The Christmas decorations and trappings

Tail in the air and your head on the ground
Bottom wiggling as you`re ready to pounce
Then there`s a flurry of fur darting by
As a bright coloured gift goes bounce

It`s funny to see all the fun you`ve had
Dashing and scurrying all around
But now you have tired yourself out
Looking through, there`s only a purring sound

Christmas is fun for us all and very amusing for our pets too.  I have two mischievous cats.  it`s so funny to watch them chase after all the presents and torn wrapping papers, until they tire themselves out and curl up asleep amongst the mess, purring  contentivily.

© Lissie Bull 2012

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