Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Season

Christmas time is here once again
It`s that wonderful time of year
Secrets, surprises and presents
Brings much merriment and cheer

The Christmas tree is looking good
Now decorated and lights lit
The presents bought and all wrapped up
Radio`s playing the latest hit!

The festive season is really here
Cards and goodwill are all around
Mistletoes hangs over the door
There`s laughter and joy abound

It`s great for all to come together
To be with friends and family
Christmas is a time for giving
Sharing presents under the tree

So the message for this Christmas
That we should show some love and care
Be kind and gentle to one another
It`s always good to give and share.

I love Christmas time and like other people it`s great to have the family together,  but there are people who can`t  and that is sad.  this poem is about giving and sharing not just asking and getting things we want.   Merry Christmas.

© Lissie Bull 2012

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