Saturday, 21 December 2013

The long voyage

Cast off into waters unknown
Adrift in a small wooden craft
A green canvas for protection
Survival then, would be hard graft

A sail though small would have to do
A long with a rudder to guard
Provisions that were really scarce
The journey would be long and hard

As winds began to blow harder
Fear was setting in for the crew
Huddling beneath the canvas
They prayed that they would all get through

Their small lonely boat tossed around
In this huge undulating sea
Those deep waters were so enraged
Would it take or leave them be?

They tried to hang on for dear life
Through high winds and driving rain
Scared right out of their tiny minds
The crew weren't coping with the strain

White crested waves crashed over them
Now the end was surely in sight
They were taking on water badly
Then in the distance they saw light

Shining brightly across the sea
Lighting their way to the coast line
Now they knew they would soon be safe
It was certainly a great sign

There before them was the light house
Standing tall with lights and fog horn
They heard a voice, "It`s lunch time boys"
Mum`s ended their playtime this morn!

Though they were tired, it had been fun
So after lunch they`d travel again
As sailing could be such hard work
Next time they would charter a plane!!

Loved playing imaginary games as a kid!!

© Lis Bull 2013

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