Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The unfortunate argument

He runs silently away from the scene
As darkness envelopes her limp body
Fearing that the crime would be discovered
Laying there in this place so dank and shoddy

Shocked at what had really happened to him
He wept as he ran through the countryside
Almost running blind as he dodged the trees
Scared of what he`d done,  couldn't believe she had died

They`d argued about something so stupid
She had stormed out and disappeared for hours
He had stomped angrily back to his work
Never thought she`d appear through the showers

The rain was beating down on the tin roof
With thunderous clouds and dark skies over head
He did not hear the sharp knock on his door
So finding her there, he was filled with dread

At first he thought it all was going well
Until he touched a very sore subject
She started to argue and shout at him
Accusing him of such heartless neglect

She suddenly lashed out at him with force
He took a few steps back to escape her
There was a flash of a blade in her hand
What followed next happened in a great blur

He found a gun in his hand as they scuffled
Feeling a sharp pain in his side, he shoots
She screams, staggers, then slumps to the ground
He dropped to his knees, crying from their disputes

Suddenly it hits him, he has killed his wife
Escape is the only thing on his mind
What will he do now and where will he go?
Running out of the hut, leaving her behind

It didn't cross his mind that she could be alive
Laying there unconscious in that dank place
He just stumbled on, not knowing where he was
This was something he could not embrace

With the rain pouring down, he staggered on home
Knowing that he had only one course to take
He would end his life, didn`t deserve to live
This whole evening has been a great mistake

Back in the hut she was stirring, though groggy
Slowly taking in what had happened there
Finding herself along, wondering where he`d gone
She knew she had to go find him, but where?

Getting up, she staggers through the open door
Realising that he had to be found
Knowing exactly where he would run to
She followed his rough trail over the ground

With their home in sight, she gingerly enters
Seeing his study door open slightly
She slowly enters with a heavy heart
Slumped on the floor her husband, so unsightly

Crouching down beside him she cried out aloud
For he believed he had shot her to death
Now he was dead, how was she to continue?
Died for nothing, alone for his last breath.

© Lis Bull 2013

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