Monday, 23 December 2013

Mister Robin

The muffled silence of this winter garden
Sparkling with ice on the branches of trees
The festive season is here once again
Wild life still thrives even through this freeze

For snow has settled on every surface
Paw prints make patterns in the deep crisp snow
There amongst the branches he sits watching
Mister Robin`s bright red waist coat for show

Looking smart as he`s dressed in his finest
His chest puffed out with pride for all to see
Singing his song as he views the garden
From way up high in his snow covered tree

With black beady eyes darting all around
There`s nothing he`ll miss from his world on high
From the fat house cat to the grey pigeon
He`s waiting his supper, he`s so sly !

Love that the festive season has started
For white powered snow is found everywhere
Mister Robin is perched on my apple tree
Looking like a very smart millionaire!             

I remember watching a little red robin in my parents garden, 
It use to sit the handle of my father`s spade.

 © Lis Bull 2013

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