Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Such a day as this......

After such a day as this, I feel so drained
Tried to get through it without getting pained
Sadly though I was not very successful
This day turned out to be hugely stressful
Nothing went to plan as the day progressed
But this is something that can be addressed
Listening to each other. then have your say
Communication`s the order of the day
Be fair and gentle, speak what`s on your mind
Politeness costs nothing as you will find
We all need to talk to one another
Every parent, child, sister or brother
If all goes wrong, don`t just stand there and yelp
You  shouldn`t be afraid to ask for help
So for honour and trust you have to earn
This is a lesson I`m willing to learn

We all have our off days, each and every one of us,
but if we learn from them, we will all be better people.

© Lis Bull 2013

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