Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Sun Key
In my hand I hold a key
It`s a very special one
For the lock that it undoes
Will release to me the sun

For many years it`s been dark
All light`s been locked away
A punishment just for me
Since that fateful winter day

The ice Queen came a calling
The world to freeze was her quest
As I would not obey her
My love she took as a guest

Flying off in her carriage
Back to her frozen Kingdom
I`m left here broken hearted
We have all lost our freedom

Needed to find my loved one
Her kingdom I had to seek
This journey would be epic
This cold was making me weak

Eventually I arrived
The Ice Queen decreed to me
To save my world and lover
I had to search for the key

I spend many month searching
But was let down many times
With the help of some new friends
I found it in warmer climes

Travelling back to the Ice Queen
Though I was very weak  now
I found the queen was bitter
And she wouldn`t keep her vow

My world now a cold winter
The sun had been locked away
In this magical cabinet
I just had to save the day

Offered her my loyalty
She thought she`d defeated me
But it was I that had won
When she found I stole the key

The last thing I remember
Was holding my lovers hand
Setting the sun free again

As the sunshine warmed our land!                 

© Lis Bull 2013

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