Monday, 27 June 2016

Dare Devil Challenge !

I am so proud of all your achievements
with your dare deviled dive completed
raising money for a cause you hold so dear
as these funds are so badly needed

jumping out of an aeroplane is amazing
sky diving over the English countryside
you look such a pro dressed red and blue
as we cheered you on with great pride

I just wanted to congratulate you, Emily
what you have done will give you fulfillment
for taking up such a wonderful challenge
you`ve shown great courage and commitment

  © Lissie Bull 2016

This poem is in celebration of a wonderful young lady who loves to raise funds for the animal sanctuary she works with.  Yesterday 26th June, she sky dived for the first time from an air field in Swindon. Hopefully she has managed to raise lots of much needed fund for the animals.

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