Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My uplifting Angel

Saw my angel for the first time today
Sitting on a step, halfway up my stairs
Gave me a shock, never seen one before
Could this be the answer to my prayers

Then this heavenly figure smiles at me
Holds a hand out and beckons me to sit
Hesitantly, I move across the room
Feeling eyes on me, strange I must admit

It`s like stepping into another world
Bathes in its bright light, glowing all around
My heart and soul appear to be content
All distractions seem to go, there`s no sound

To be uplifted, at peace some how
This gentle angel fills me with happiness
All my fears and worries just slip away
Thanks to my angel,  all will be success!

Angels do play a part in our lives,  since losing my husband,  I feel my angel`s protection.
I know my Steve`s spirit is ever near too.  These angel poems feel good to write.

© Lissie Bull 2013  All rights reserved

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