Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Woodland Night Drive

My head lights catch the tree trucks in their beams
Standing tall, proudly mocking me it seems
Behind them looms blackness untouched by light
Through which my lights can`t penetrate the night

White trucks appearing through the darkness
Jagged shadows dance around the blackness
Watching branches sway back and forth again
As I drive further along the country lane

One bright shining moon travelling along
Flickering throught branches both short and long
Seems to be following as I travel
Mysterious sound of tyres on gravel

Hooting of an owl as it silently flies
Followed by piercing sounds of animal cries
As we continue to drive on through
We see these haunting shapes come into view....

I drive my son back to college every Sunday night, the long wooded drive way can be
a haunting place, with tree and shrubs that come alive in the beams of my head lights.
I wanted to try an capture these shapes and sounds in a poem.  This is the result.

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