Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I love you very much father
I am your eldest daughter
But don`t really understand
Feel like a lamb to the slaughter

I tried to be what you wanted
Learnt all I could so happily
Moved out once I was married
Never rushed to start a family

You seemed happy once Jon arrived
Though things changed with Carolyn
Finding her autism so hard
You turned away, we could not win

What ever I did, Jane did better
I always felt like second best
I tried to prove that all was good
For the wicked, there was no rest

All my siblings had great jobs
While I remained a mum at home
Putting my children before me
But I always felt so alone

When mum was ill in hospital
I wasn`t really kept up to date
Felt isolated, uninformed
All I could do was sit and wait

Now mum`s gone it`s even worse
I phone as often as I can
You just chat about my sister
How's she`s doing now she`s a gran

All I want is for you to be
Proud and happy with what I do
The kids and I love you so much
Come on Dad, will you love us too?

There`s not much else to say really.

© Lis Bull 2013

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