Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mysterious Ocean

This vast rippling cloth of ocean
Reaching out to all horizons
Flowing from beach to distant beach
With tides controlled by our moon
This living, breathing, moving sea
Ever changing, but always present
Its lulling rhythms ebb and flow
What ever happens, its consistent
But there`s a turbulent side
Raging, thrashing, waves crashing
Seas white crested, causing destruction
Blasting its way through everything
This is an angry foreboding sea
Dark churning waters, nothings safe
Hitting the coastland and beaches
With pounding wave after wave
This sea can be both raged or still
Wild, wonderful and wicked, so..
Be prepared, never take lightly
This mysterious ocean

I love the ocean, its waves and the mysterious depts.
I find myself drawn to its beauty, whether, gentle or enraged.

© Lis Bull 2013

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