Friday, 23 August 2013

Miss you mum...

One moment you were there
the next you were gone
Ripped away from me
my tower of strength
always there at the end of the phone
now nothing there
just a dialling tone

Taken from me in a flash
no warnings given
no goodbyes
just nothing...

Who do I turn to now?
who do I ask?
now I have to stand alone.
The angels came and took you
they only take the best
to sit in God`s garden
and rest.

I have a sinking feeling
the tears just won`t stop
I know this is selfish
all I ask is, why not me?
You had everything to live for
you were always there for me
I wanted to be there for you
but couldn't
you went too fast
left me
to cope
on my own......

I feel you still in my heart
my soul is comforted
guide me from above
be proud of me
show me the way
to be strong and help others
I love you
I always will......

Miss you so much mum xxx

© Lis Bull 2013

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