Monday, 9 January 2017

Therapy of Poetry

Poetry is a powerful element of my life and a great comfort to me. Without my poetry, I would be lost. I write about life around me, events that influence or effect me. 

I find that when my emotions are stirred up through anger, stress or sheer happiness, it is the best time to write poetry.  The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the poetry.

When I`m enraged with an anger that wells up from deep within my core, I am moved to express this emotion by writing a poem about the thing or things that have angered me. 
It can be addressed to the person or persons that have caused this emotions or a poem about the anger that may help me to cope with it.  

When it`s about happiness, then the poem could express itself through a happy memory or even create a new memory.  Some times the topic can be influenced by a word or a colour, enabling me to write the poem about a subject that helps me to remember that happiness.

Some people have different ways of distressing, but for me it will always be through my poetry, just to be able to sit and write down exactly how I feel.

To be able to paint a picture of that emotion and how it effects me or my family, is a great way to see the problem from a different angle.  When it`s to do with a good emotion, it`s more about preserving that event for the future, a memory, something to look back on and know it was a positive moment in my life.

So, as long as I am able to write poetry, I will be able to conquer negative emotions and positive moments through my Therapy of Poetry.


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