Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Year In Rhyme

January was cold and wet

Can`t believe it`s a new year
So much here to celebrate
Let`s start it off with a cheer

February is much the same

Though there was Valentine`s day
Mother earth is waking up
Which means spring is on its way

March is the month for Easter

Where spring should now appear
Away with the winter blues
An egg hunt is happening here

April is the month for fools

Sill pranks are all around
Puts a smile upon your face
For there`s happiness abound

May dances in with such flair

Songs and merriment too
Farm hands are working so hard
As crops begin to peep through

June then leaps in with flowers

As the garden`s in full bloom
It`s great to welcome summer
Lazy times here we assume

July can be a stressful month

Exams are now in full swing
Soon there`ll be the holidays
And beach boys will then be king

August brings hot summer days

Six weeks off from all the schools
Foreign travel to distant parts
Barbecues and swimming pools

September hails term again

It`s back to education
Though the weather is still warm
After that great vacation!

October and now autumn`s here

The nights are getting shorter
Reds, oranges and yellows
We`re into the fourth quarter

November means fire works

And Remembrance Sunday too
The trees are stripped of their leaves
And Jack Frost has skipped on through

December brings in winter

It has been an awesome year
Merry Christmas one and all
Hope the next is full of cheer!!

Happy New Year

© Lissie Bull 2013

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