Friday, 6 January 2017

Emotions and Fledglings

Life is hard enough before I add emotions to the equation !
I can be bombarded from all sides and at times I can feel suffocated 
Stresses, work load, family and general life all play a part in how I cope..

To be honest, I find that I can`t cope with it all the time. Like others I have good days and bad days.  One moment I feel great, on top of the world, but in an instance, that changes and I feel trodden down, over powered and then my mood drops to it`s lowest ebb.

How do you over come this, or at least cope with it all  ?    It is not easy as people do not cope with their emotions in the same way.  Not everyone finds it easy.

I am one of those people who takes things in a very personal way, I am emotional, caring and very easy to tears.  Why is this ? I am not really very sure but it seems to get worse with age.

However I feel some of it is down to losing too many family or close friends.  My husband Steve, parents, and some really close friends.  I treasure all who are close to me especially my kids.  These I want to hold on to, have them close to me all the time.

In reality, this is not possible, as they need to fledge and start their own lives in their own homes.  This is a real tough situation for me, but I know I have to let them go so they can do this for themselves.  It doesn`t make it any easier but in the end it will be really rewarding.   I love my kids so much as they are all I have left, in an ideal world, we would all live close to each other and always be around. Sadly life does not work that way.

The first step is always a leap of faith, and that doesn`t just mean the fledglings, but also the parents.  I have never had to go through this but know I will have to do it more than once.  All I ask is for consideration, communication and understanding. As a reward, you will receive help, kindness, support and all my love. 

So as you kids start to leave home and look forward to a new independent life,  spare a thought for the ones you leave behind, don`t forget them,  give them a call every now again, feel free to pop by and share a cuppa together or even invite them over to show them you are doing just great and that they should be proud of you always !

As all parents will go through this emotional`s never easy.... but remember above proud of them and know they learnt from through you, they have reached this stage in their life because of all you have done and taught them.  

So be proud of yourself too  !

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