Thursday, 12 January 2017

Life`s Stages

There are many stages we go through during our life time, some of these are easier than others, but we all experience them in some way.  This helps to define who we really are !

From the cradle to our grave, we develope and cope with different situations that effect the way we react to life.  Families play a big part throughout these stages, whether its our parents, spouse or children. There are also many friends along the way, who come and go along our journey.

I have been through the parent and spouse stage, and now find myself at the children stage. They are young adults and becoming independent.  First one is ready to leave home and I find myself having mixed emotions.

Firstly the emotion of pride,  I am proud that we have come to this stage and that they are ready to branch out on their own and run their life the way they think it should be run. Proud that I have been a successful parent and hopefully equipped them with all that they need to accomplish this.

Secondly the emotion of sadness,  I am sad that this day has arrived and they are moving out of their home of many years. I will miss their company around the house, their music blasting out from their room, and all their clutter.  ( something I will get use too though ).

When I feel these emotions I take refuge in my poetry as it acts as a safety valve.  I can write about the feelings in such a way that it helps me to cope and then see this stage in a different perspective.  To look down on any stage from an angle that makes me see that it`s not as straight forward as I thought, there are many different angles to take into consideration for it involves more than one person.  Poetry allows me to step out of my world and into any world that helps me to cope. 

Once the poem is written, I have a chance to share it or hold it safely just for me....that lets me return to it when needed and as this stage developed, the poem can change into new emotions and helps me to grow with it all.

Poetry always flows with on going situations, moulding and transforming as life continues,

New stages, new beginnings, new emotions and new solutions.......New Life !


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