Sunday, 13 October 2013

Music shows the way

My aching heart will not cease
Watching you struggle along
For you have a mighty strength
My hero, so loving and strong
That unfortunate morning
You were hit straight on by a car
I found you on the road side
You were cradling your guitar
Once you came out of the coma
Physio to get through the pain
Spent many months in hospital
Rebuilding your body again
Now each day I watch over you
Help you live your life as you can
When things get too unbearable
I stay and support my man
Though your memory is bad
There was one thing that helped you cope
Music and determination
This is what gave us much hope
Everything changed for the better
There are good times for us by far
We travel around together
Me, my man and his old guitar
Some times we have to look for what`s inside us  
So that we can cope better with what life throws at us

© Lis Bull 2013

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