Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pumpkins at Halloween

Oh my, there`s a pumpkin on my door step
in the light of day it looks very sad
so cold and dead, should I throw it away?
it has a face carved that makes it look mad

however when the night time comes around
it`s a different story, for it lights up bright
with an evil grin and sharp pointed teeth
makes you feel it`ll jump up at you and bite

but for me it`s the frightening eyes that stare
they appear to watch you where ever you go
will they turn you into a zombie now
as you try to go past that grotesque glow

but remember on this Halloween Night
with the Witches, Ghouls and Zombies around
that the pumpkin head is there to protect
all lit up to ward off evil abound.

© Lis Bull 2013

Its great to see all the different types of carved pumpkins around on Halloween Night!

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