Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The pain of missing you.....

Looking at your photo on the wall
Remembering all the fun we had
before you were taken from me.
The Angels left me feeling so sad

Watching you fading before my eyes
Seeing you going through all that pain
Encouraging you as best I could
And all the time you didn't complain

Your eye sight diminished rapidly
So there was no more driving for you
Though becoming dependent on me
You were determined to beat this too

All of those hospital appointments
The over night stays, so hard to bare
Through this all with your family around
You never went without proper care

So it`s hard for the ones that are left
Only memories now that you`re gone
I feel you around me all the time
Wrapt me in your wings, I`ll carry on.

Going through some old photos I came across a lovely one of you
so I framed it and put it on the wall
Wow what a cheery photo it was and it boosted me so much.

© Lis Bull 2013

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