Wednesday, 2 October 2013

We are unique

I am my own person, mind and body
Thinking for myself, all unique
Standing proud for everyone to see
Take me as I am, for I am no freak

We all carry these things inside
Events that no one else can see
They hold us down like anchors
They drown us out at sea

Other eyes don't see within us
Our experiences, loves and pain
These are the things that hold us up
Moulding us  for life`s campaign

These feelings can make or break us
What`s inside is hidden from all
The pain of living, the joy of loving
They all help us to stand up tall

There are days when we feel we can not go on,  we carry burdens of the soul all our lives, but these feelings make us what we are,  people must learn to take us as we are or let us be,  changing is not always an option.

© Lis Bull 2013

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