Thursday, 31 October 2013

The fearsome Dragon and the Young Knight

There was a low grumbling emitted from the cave
Outside the entrance were large rocks and many bones
Trembling, the young knight stepped forward. his knees knocking
It was so dark in that place and he feared the groans

He knew he had to enter and kill the Dragon
That much was fore told in the book of their great king
But how was he suppose to slay this mighty beast?
With just his sword, he needed to think of something

As he tiptoed forward he heard that sound again
It must be a very angry Dragon in there
The book told of many knights who had gone before
But none had returned alive, he was full of despair

Slowly he moved forward, step by step he entered
Standing there, he let his eye get use to the dark
He looked around and found many more bones scattered
With a lump in his throat, his quest he had to embark

This young knight started to walk further in the cave
It was very hard to see where he was treading
With his sword in hand he peered around the corner
Before him was the dragon, sat on his bedding

The dragon is not as big as he had first thought
Large scales and a long tail with a sharp point at the end
Its eyes were big and sad as if he`d been crying
The knight was so unsure, should he kill or befriend

Feeling in his heart that the dragon wouldn`t hurt him
The knight put down his weapon and smiled at the beast
It nodded its head and sort of smiled back at him
That instant they knew that the hostilities had ceased

From that very moment on, the two were great friends
The dragon showed him the bones were beasts of the wood
The young knight knew he wanted to help the dragon
Now he would tell the king that everything was good

So he devised a good plan that would save them both
The knight would slay the dragon and get his reward
The dragon would leave his cave by night and fly off
All would be happy and they would meet up abroad.

The plan worked and all were content for many years
But sadly the truth is that dragons out live knights
So he returned to his cave and resumed his life
Reaping mayhem and terror through the winter nights.

I have always been fascinated by knights and dragons and wanted to write a poem about them but with a twist.  I hope you enjoy this one.

© Lissie Poems 2014
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