Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thrills of a life time

I so need a piece of the action
To be stimulated and experience life
The feel of the wind through my hair as i ride
Be free, have no cares, no worries or strife

To soar high above the white fluffy clouds
Fly amongst the birds as they migrate
Glide and swoop over the country side
Wow! the wonders of the world are so great.

Exploring deep beneath the ocean waves
Swimming with many kinds of creatures
Surfing in the sunshine with dolphins
Study the coral reefs and all their treasures

Taking to the twisty winding roads
Open topped sports cars for all to see
Across the alps and through long tunnels
Searching for new experiences to feel free

What ever it is that I choose to try out
I know that I want it to be the best
This has to be the thrill of a life time
I`ll live life to the full, so hell to the rest

I have always liked to experience different things, gliding, climbing or ballooning, so this poem is a wish list for some of the things that are left to do!

© Lis Bull 2013

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