Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sad Families

That sinking feeling hits you hard
What you thought was good, came out bad
The people you held in high esteem
Turned their back on you, it`s so sad

Families should be there for each other
Not excluding one from the fold
Forgiveness, love, understanding
Are what`s needed from young and old

For once the links start to unravel
It`s very hard to reinstate
To be ignored, barred, forgotten
The future has sealed it`s sad fate.

Where there were smiles and happiness
Only battle lines are to be found
A raging destruction is felt
The battle cry is the only sound

Nothing good will ever come from this
For pain and disillusion breeds hurt
We need to sit and talk this through
Heal wounds not rub them in the dirt

I fear that this has all gone too far
People are so set in their ways
So I must get on with my life
Destined to be sad all my days.

Family arguments are not easy things to rectify and if left to fester they will never heal.

© Lis Bull 2013

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