Monday, 28 October 2013

The October storm!

The window`s rattling from the wind
As the storm rages all around
The skies are black and menacing
Rain is saturating the ground

There`s thunder rumbling about
Lightning flashes across the sky
As the rain continues lashing down
The water table is getting high

With our sand bags at the ready
To stop the water seeping in
It`s slowly moving up the path
I really hope that we will win

Oh the thunders getting nearer
Followed so closely by lightning
I think the rain is heavier too
This is becoming quite frightening!

We have battened down the hatches
Need to see this storm safely through
It`ll pass over in a few hours
So there`s time to go make a brew

Sat waiting for the storm to pass
Think the rain is easing some what
The thunder rumbles for a while
For damage caused is quite a lot!

As time goes by the storm abates
The sky is becoming lighter
Looking out to check the carnage
The horizon is so much brighter

The storm was forecast for many days but thankfully not
as bad as they first thought.  Though we did get heavy rain and high winds
and of course the thunder too!

© Lis Bull 2013

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