Thursday, 10 October 2013

Many roof tops from my window

Sat by my window, looking at the world
Watching the sun as it moves across the sky
The colours on the roofs changing all the time
So many different surfaces I spy

Tall roofs standing proud above the others
Low ones, flat ones, can`t believe there`s so many
As the day progresses, it changes each one
Casting long dark shadows from each chimney

There are red roofs, slate roofs and bright colours tiles
Gutters and pipes all the spectrum of the rainbow
With many mature tree popping up between
Making a wonderfully mosaic show

As the sun moves across the sky, its all change
With each passing hour a new picture is formed
For everything takes on a new lease of life
I love to sit here and watch, for my heart is warmed.

With all the houses about, sitting here I can see all the roof tops and how they change with the different types of weather and how the sun paints them in different way.

© Lis Bull 2013

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