Saturday, 19 October 2013

Garden in Spring 

Blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds
as the heat beats down,  summer yearns
a siren sounds in the distance
melting away, as peace returns

pink blossom on the apple tree now
red tulips swaying in the sun light
everything is starting to come alive
butterflies dart around, what a sight.

yawning,  my cat stretches out it`s legs
dozing in the warm afternoon sun
It`s attention taken, as a bee flies by
jumping around, it pounces, what fun!

as the sun slowly starts to dip down
the shadows lengthen across the ground
fresh cut grass scent drifts through the air
a haven of tranquility is found.

Photos of my garden brings back memories of spring time and the new buds and bulbs
coming up.  Love to watch nature coming back to life after winter.


© Lissie Bull 2013

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