Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Rugby Match

Wrapped up in hats and scarves and gloves
Showing loyalty to our team
As we file in to watch the match
All hyped up and ready to scream
The atmosphere is electric
Showing the team our support
No matter that`s it`s really cold
We`re here to see some great sport

As the teams jog onto the pitch
A roar is heard from the crowd
Preparations are made to start
Anthems sung to make us proud
A whistle blast starts the match
The game begins and the crowd roars
The players leap into action
It`s not long before our team scores

Great,  a try and then conversion
This game is great, so much action
We`re on our way to victory
So much pride and satisfaction
At the end of the match we`ve won
The stadium is filled with sound
We all leave with joy in our hearts
For our team has now been crowned.

Always loved watching Rugby, a sport for real men
My husband played as have all my sons too!!
© Lis Bull 2013

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