Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Forgotten Wishing Well 

Near the bottom of the garden
dug deep into the hardy ground
there stands a special wishing well
not many folk know it`s around

three feet wide, with it`s sides so straight
very deep you can`t see it`s base
I'm sure if you looked hard enough
you`d be able to see a face

as I have said to you before
this is a very special well
when the new moon is shining bright
drop two coins in and make a spell

if the new moon is bright enough
then your little spell will come true
but please be very careful now
once started you`re to see it through

if you refuse to complete it
there`s a forfeit for you to pay
this may not be very pleasant
but I'm sure you will find a way

take care my inquisitive friend
that`s why the wishing well is here
down the bottom of the garden
no one will see you disappear!!

Stories with a twist are great fun to do!

© Lissie Bull 2013  

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