Thursday, 26 March 2015

A lesson in Love

I`m told
you only get one chance
at true love
and for me
that was my husband
four great kids later
and he was taken from me
so cruelly by cancer
I grieved
and tried to carry on with life
and though this was hard
I managed
devoting myself to my kids

then one day
I was lucky enough
a second chance
as I meet
another wonderful man
cheeky and fun loving
so full of life
so unlike my husband.

everybody told me
it wouldn't work
he was not for me
what would my husband think!!
now I know
they were being kind
trying to help
we were in love

the trouble was..
that he lived across the pond
miles and miles away
in the states
but we managed
through technology 
to chat and spend time together
and in time we meet
it was awesome

we decided to marry
but sadly
this had its problems
where and how?
costs and witnesses
we tried twice
but events were against us

then I started listening
to my friends
and family too
maybe this wasn't to be
I was making a mistake
so I started to doubt
he went back to the states
we carried on chatting
tried to continue
but I was distancing myself
months turned into years
his health went down
I started to get on with my life
a romance doomed
through all that
he never gave up
never stopped loving me!

now I have lost him
he died of cancer
life can be so cruel
I listened to others
and not my own head
I didn`t follow my heart
this has proved to be a
bitter lesson in love

© Lissie Bull 2015

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