Saturday, 28 March 2015


Life is like a puzzle
for we all are connected
yet today a piece is missing
your loss was unexpected

such a loving gentle giant
with a great big heart of gold
sadly you lost your battle
and will never now grow old

you were one hell of a crazy guy
even after you feel so ill
you always had a cheeky grin
to have known you was a great thrill

Forrest, you loved your karaoke
never scared to try new things
now you can sing with the angels
as you recently got his wings

you were such a unique person
with your piercing and tattoos
and a great love of Star Trek
also keeping up with all the news!

the memories we have of you
are far to many to list down
so we'll raise a glass to send a cheer
as you move on to your next town

© Lissie Bull 2015

This was written as a tribute to a very dear man who passed away recently

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