Wednesday, 25 November 2015

 Autumn to Winter

Autumn`s golden hues
red and orange and yellow
trees alight with bright colours
carpets of leaves covering the ground
being splashed around by
wellington booted children
clad in scarves, hat and mitts,
puffing clouds of steam
as they race around the park.

the trees are looking bare
now they`ve lost their summer coats
but here and there a holly tree
defiant in its green
squirrels red and grey alike
stocking up their larders
to see the winter through.

darker now the evenings
and colder all around
people hurrying to get home
to warm their weary bones

the grass is crunchier underfoot
Jack frost has danced around
he leaves the park all muffled
impressions of black and white.
Winter has crept in
through the gap in Autumns door
and caught us all unaware
until it shouts...BOO !!!!!!

© Lis Bull 2012

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