Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lillesden School

Dark gothic buildings with fire escapes
stood looking over green luscious land
an education establishment
found in the Garden of England

at the end of a long winding drive way
appearing there, so proud and so strong
turrets standing out against the skyline
there to remember, your whole life long

laughter was heard through the corridors
sounding like ghosts from a former time
pupils from everywhere through the years
when Lillesden was in it`s prime

eerie silence now found throughout the school
dust collecting on every surface
echoing footsteps on the wooden floors
empty rooms without any purpose

now that it`s stripped of all it`s glory
classrooms all choked with vegetation
even the lead from the roof has gone
is there nothing safe at this location

there`s one thing to be said for all this
Lillesden School was the best place to be
we may not have a school to visit
but we`ve memories and friends to see.

Lillesden School for Girls in Hawkhurst Kent, was my former school. It`s glory days long gone, but it`s memories live on !

© Lissie Bull 2012

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