Wednesday, 27 April 2016

National Poetry Month 

April has been a wonderful month and sadly nearly over!
I have enjoyed writing, reading new poems and meeting great poets and learning all the time.
Hope you've all had a great month too !  Have you a favourite moment,  a new poem or have you made new friends too.
Let's keep the momentum going and see what we can achieve!
If you would like to share a poem, either one of your own or a favourite, please feel free, I love reading new poems.


1 comment:

  1. Are we living passionately enough?

    As the clocks keep ticking,
    we carry on
    unaware of time
    for the most part
    we've filled our lives with chores
    and have yet to embrace
    what's been there all along
    within wood and stone
    vibrate past memories
    of what we share
    in the here and now
    you've only to pause and think,
    and dream a dream
    chance to live it!
    Let it become one with you
    and as the sun fades
    the glow of a thousand lanterns
    will shine like fireflies
    in a sea of navy and stars
    we wash these dreams every day
    from our weary skins
    for our long days repeated
    and over and over we do.
    You need to stop and think....
    Are you living passionately enough?

    ©Tessa 2015