Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My rights...!

Where did I go wrong ?
I know I must of
but others say not
my life is a mess
I just can`t go on !

housekeeper to the lot
councillor, banker too
or what ever they demand
cook, driver or adviser
it doesn`t matter to them !

I am my own person
but to look at me 
you wouldn`t believe it
I wait to be told
what it wanted of me 

they say the have a right
to a life of their own
that`s true...but don`t I too ?
don`t I also have needs
feelings and emotions ?

so I ask once more
where did I go wrong
this life I lead is not fair
we all have rights as people
and that includes me too !

© Lissie  Bull 2016

Poetry is so good for expressing emotions, whether, good or bad, happy or sad.
Why not give it a go, you never know, it may help you ! 

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