Thursday, 29 June 2017


Families are funny groups of people, thrown together reluctantly, sometimes they work well and others are a complete disaster. Emotional events can make the situation a hundred times worse.

Sadly when a family experience a death among them, they can find it divides them in many different ways,

At these times, families should try to work together and not tear at each other`s throats, it can be very hard to cope with the surge of strong feeling and emotions.

What with the initial shock of the death followed by the funeral and then dealing with the will and, in some cases, dividing up the estate, can cause so much pain, unhappiness and stress.  Families need to work closely together, take each step at a time and go at a pace that is comfortable for the family as a whole.

Don`t be offended if you disagree with something, take a breath and talk to the people involved, be honest, open and at all time ... be polite.
The whole family is going through the motions in their own way.
I know from experience how hard all this can be .... I have learnt to be patient listen to others ...share good memories, and above all, be compassionate.

So at this sad time, I remember my father, how we laid him to rest, work through his will and find out what his wishes were for the family who are left behind.  I have found myself reunited with my siblings, working with them to fulfil our father`s wishes and remembering the good times we had as a family.

To all those going through a death, whether a family or close friend, I send you my condolences, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember they are at peace now, so hold their memory in your heart, for they will be with you always.


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