Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Writer`s Block

Everyone has their good days and bad days, it is the way of life.
It`s the same with every crafter, some days you can be inspired to create new creations and others you just can face it at all.

Well it`s the same for writers.

Inspirations comes from many different directions, images, colours, words, events or even emotions. One day the artist can pick of their brush and paint a master piece, other days they can`t even look at the canvas.  

For me it is the same, one day my pen will be active and the ink flows freely, other days I am unable to write a thing. my mind is a blank, nothing is inspiring my pen to dance.

There are many reasons for this to happen to craftsmen and women, emotions, illness or the will to create has gone for a while.  Painting or writing can not be forced, for then it will be false and does not flow from the heart within.

Sometimes it is best just to walk away, do something else for a change, take your mind off the problem. Recovering from writer`s block is not a set process though and can vary in the amount of time it takes for you to be inspired again.  Don`t let it get you down though, as this can make it worse.  Instead be patient and go with however you are feeling.

Most likely the problem has been triggered by an event that has effected you in away you didn`t realise. This could range from an argument, illness, disappointment or even just tiredness.  Try and rest and not panic about it, as this is perfectly normal and can happen to anyone in their life time.

Once this has rectified itself, don`t go into overdrive and write as if you have to catch up for lost time. Give yourself a bit of space to get back into your stride and slowly build up your writing again.

I am always grateful when I can write once more and thoroughly enjoy the ability to pick up my pen and feel it dance across a clean white sheet of paper.


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