Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Prisoners of War!

Standing there behind the wire fence
Staring at their cold hearted guards
Dressed in old dirty rags, they watch
knowing their demise is on the cards

Bare footed they have trudged along
Wandering how long until their death
They`ve existed through this hell hole
Just waiting to take their last breath

They hadn`t done anything wrong
Caught up in these terrible things
But now they were going to die
These were chains around them, not strings!

The silence is pierced by a scream
Followed quickly by a gun shot
Then all went quiet once again
Not just shocked, they were all distraught

But their guards did not seem bothered
They just carried on as usual
Some lit up smokes to keep going
Others stood around all casual

No one knew who`d be the next one
As they shuffled forward again
Was this violence necessary?
They were all going to be slain

Rat-a-tat-tat silence is broken
The whole area exploding
Gun fire, men running, confusion
There`s a feeling of foreboding

Then out of the blue there comes help
Some blankets and a caring hand
After the guards are defeated
They`re led away from this bad land

All the memories of that war camp
Have changed their outlook as a whole
The friends that were lost for ever
Embedded deep within each soul

Remembering the  "Holocaust" on this anniversary.
27th January 2013

© Lissie Bull 2013                

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